So, tell me, are you hearing his lyrics in your head, even when there is no music playing?  Do you wake up in the morning with an MJ song going round and round and wonder where it came from?  And it bubbles in your head all day?  And tomorrow its a new one... one you haven't listened to in awhile?  And, and... wait!  What did he say?  You never heard that before in this song?  And its suddenly SO meaningful, like its meant just for YOU? And you think that maybe you're losing touch with reality?  Like maybe this obsession isn't all that healthy?  Maybe you're losing your mind?

Welcome to the club!

When you saw This Is It, remember when Michael was talking to the cast and he said "It's an adventure.. a great adventure"?  Guess what... he wasn't talking to the cast.  He was talking to US.  We're ON that adventure!  And its happening NOW.  If that scares you -

Here is your jumping off point

If you hold strong religious beliefs that will not allow you to consider that you might be more than you think you are; if you think blasphemy is a legitimate concept; if you think hell is a place; if you think God only lives in churches, temples or mosques, LEAVE NOW for I will surely offend you and I don't want to do that.  However, if your beliefs are broad enough to tolerate a little more stretching; if you would really like to stop Michaeling but just CAN'T; if you would like some idea of just what the hell is going on here, or at least know You Are Not Alone, then you've found a home.

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